We’re redefining home buying.

Loan X Mortgage is a company redefining home buying with our team of mortgage professionals. Our loan experts have been providing clients with the right home loans for many years.

Our Mission

At Loan X Mortgage, it’s our mission to provide our clients with guidance and education in the mortgage process. Our firm aims to maintain our client, team member, and business partner relationships by being the source of valid, up-to-date mortgage information they can trust. 

We want to exceed client expectations by being the best mortgage lender in the industry. The experts at Loan X Mortgage are also dedicated to sustaining an unparalleled level of excellence and integrity so that each of our clients can commit to making important financial decisions with no hesitation. In addition to this, our firm provides a welcoming environment, convenient processes, expert resources, and trustworthy professionals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the best mortgage lender in our communities. We aim to do this by solidifying our position as one of the best mortgage lenders in the US and a leading authority in the mortgage industry. We want to be a trustworthy financing source for our referral partners and clients so that we are the first choice for all mortgage financing needs.

Home Refinancing in Michigan
Competitive Pricing

Unlike other mortgage companies in our community, Loan X Mortgage offers competitive pricing. When you choose our loan firm, you can be guaranteed to secure a loan that has the lowest interest rates possible with a favorable loan repayment term.

Modern Solutions

At our company, we provide modern solutions to match the needs of our clients. That’s why we offer an impressively wide range of mortgage services catered to those seeking refinancing solutions, a home equity loan, or first-time home buyers’ loans.

Customer Satisfaction

One of our primary priorities at our company is ensuring our customers are satisfied with the service they receive. Our knowledgeable staff members will always go above and beyond to ensure expectations are met by working with each client and attending to their individual needs.

Our Executive Team

Tim Dankha, CEO of Loan X Mortgage
Tim Dankha

President/CEO & Founder

NMLS: 1203238

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Our Offices

Loan X Mortgage has five conveniently located offices in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Nevada, and Florida.
In recent years, we have grown our business to serve the needs of our customers. With loan offices in five different states and the addition of our Corporate Training Center in Birmingham, MI, we are better equipped to provide clients with mortgage loan solutions that help them achieve their goals and dreams.
If you would like to learn how Loan X Mortgage can help you, you may begin the process immediately!

Tim Dankha

Tim Dankha is the CEO and President of Loan X Mortgage. Tim spent his childhood and early adult life in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and is currently residing in the area. With more than nine years of experience in the mortgage industry, he is recognized as a leader in his field and frequently spends his time helping others.

During his career, he has led many team members and has helped shape them into better mortgage bankers. Tim has also helped close billions of dollars in volume by ensuring client satisfaction throughout the mortgage process.

Before founding Loan X Mortgage, Tim spent much of his early career at Rocket Mortgage, where his talent and passion for mortgage proceedings were uncovered. Within a year of working for this business, he was promoted into a leadership role, where he flourished. While earning experience at Rocket Mortgage, he also obtained multiple records within the company, which led to his executive position in the business.

Tim has been recognized and voted a “Top Leader’ in the mortgage industry. He has also earned the titles of “Most Innovative” and “Most Influential” in multiple CEO publications. With his commitment and dedication to the mortgage industry apparent, he quickly earned the support and loyalty of many when he made the professional decision to found his own mortgage company.

When Tim isn’t working and helping people achieve their dreams, he dabbles in investing and spends time with his family. He always has time to lend a friendly ear to close friends and family because his family takes priority alongside his career. When he isn’t with family or close friends, he travels the world, reads, or plays a round of golf to clear his head and sharpen his focus.