Software For Data Management Platforms

Written by Bilal


June 8, 2024

Data management tools ensure that employees have all the necessary information available at the right time. This enables them to be more efficient and productive. Strong data management processes can help businesses safeguard themselves from unauthorized users and ensure compliance with rules such as consumer protection laws.

A well-planned approach to managing data will save organizations money, by making sure that assets such analytics and data are how to create your own database on linux protected and readily accessible when needed. This is especially important for companies that have huge quantities of data or sensitive information to safeguard.

Some of the most effective software for managing data concentrates on providing an integrated, consistent view of information across various organizational data sources, thereby increasing transparency, security and reliability. These platforms include data integration as well as data quality and governance tools that can enhance business intelligence, enhance collaboration and decrease the chance of costly mistakes caused by insufficient or incorrect information.

Oracle provides a suite that lets companies build and implement, as well as manage initiatives based on data. Oracle’s Data Management Suite delivers consolidated, consistent, and authoritative master data for all operational and analytic applications. It also facilitates data governance and quality as well as policy compliance, repeatable business processes, cross-functional collaboration, and awareness of changes across the enterprise.

Tamr is a data mastering platform that enhances and integrates enterprise data and improves analytic insights. It uses machine-learning to consolidate clean and categorize the data that comes from multiple sources. It also integrates metadata from both Hadoop and other legacy systems. It is designed to provide users with a clear data catalog as well as a built-in business glossary as well the ability to visualize data lineage.

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