The Importance of Access Control

Written by Bilal


June 5, 2024

Access control safeguards data and physical spaces from threats. It’s particularly important for businesses that have sensitive customer information and employees who need to access resources remotely. An effective access control model limits the kinds of privileges users can be granted, minimizing the impact of security breaches as well as ensuring that nobody is able to access sensitive information or gain entry into areas they shouldn’t be.

Access control is based on the notion that an individual’s identity needs to be verified before they are granted access to any resource. This can be achieved by various methods, including biometric identification, multi-factor authentication, and passwords. Then, they have to be approved by an authorization system. This process typically takes into account the sensitivity and credentials used to request resources.

This authorization system can take into consideration a range of elements, from what the user knows about passwords and PINs they use to log in to their account, to what they’ve got in their access cards, keys or tokens that generate OTP passcodes and even biometrics (fingerprints and iris scans voice prints). It then compares the information to the privileges the user is seeking and, if all is found to be valid, grants access.

A well-designed strategy for access control is a vital component of any security program. This is especially important for healthcare facilities that have to meet the needs of their staff as well as the needs of patients. It is important to have the appropriate procedures in the place for on-site and remote employees, and to monitor and update them continuously.

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